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Welcome to Bolton Gymnastics

We offer a variety of recreational gymnastics programs starting at two years of age and older.

Gymnastics is a foundation sport, and is all about how the body moves. It will develop balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and confidence as children learn through active movement.

If you have any questions about enrolling your son or daughter into gymnastics please call and we will be glad to assist you.

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Ten reasons why your child can benefit from being a gymnast!

Click HERE to read the list of what your child will develop and learn when participating in a gymnastics program.

  1. Gymnastics is the foundation for all sports and activities...

Fall Session | Registration

Registration will begin on Wednesday August 19 at 12 noon for our Fall Session.

To view our Class Schedule click HERE.

There are some significant changes to our Recreational Programs that we have implemented to ensure your child's gymnastics experience is as safe as we can possibly make it.

  • Reduced class size by up to 40%, see class ratios below;
  • The duration of the Junior & Senior Recreational classes have been reduced by fifteen minutes to allow for staggered start times of classes.
  • We have reduced the number of classes in our schedule so there are fewer students in the training space at the same time.
  • We will limit spectators to one accompanying parent, guardian or other adult for each participant under the age of 18.

Read our Return to Play Protocols below for more information on what we are doing to ensure the safety of all participants, their families and our staff.

Classes begin Saturday September 12, click HERE to view our Calendar.

Return to Play Protocols

When developing the Return to Play Protocols our first thoughts were to refer to the Club’s Mission Statement for guidance on its development. There were two statements that clearly spoke on what to do.

  1. Helping children to appreciate their body and provide for its health.
  2. Safe…ensuring the safety of all participants

The health and safety of our students, their families and our staff are of the utmost importance. As we Return to Play after the disruption of the COVID-19 outbreak, every decision, policy, and procedure are made in the interest of all participant’s safety and health, both physical and mental.

Click HERE to view our Return to Play Protocols.

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